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Want AJ McCarron’s Chest Tattoo But Afraid Of Needles? This Shirt’s For You

Finally, a perfect way for Alabama Crimson Tide fanatics to emulate their quarterback by displaying his rather impressive chest tattoo on their own chests but without the need (and pain associated) of getting permanently inked: the AJ McCarron chest tattoo t-shirt!

As you can see, it is of the finest quality, perfect for tailgating, pilgrimages to Bryant-Denny Stadium, not to mention arrests for being drunk and disorderly and the subsequent (and repeated) overnights in the drunk tank sleeping one off. Really, nothing screams “Alabama!” quite like this shirt. Well, except for maybe a crowd full of inebriated Alabama fans cheering for an encore on the band’s reunion tour, but I suppose that’s a given.

[H/T Friends of the Program, McCarron tattoo pic via Dr. Saturday]