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(Video) Woody Paige Has A New Best Friend: A Talking Toy Parrot

Ah, Woody Paige, bless his demented, goofball soul. During a taping of Around the Horn, the Denver Post columnist discovered the whimsical joy that can be elicited from making friends and conversing a talking toy parrot. He really appears to be having a good time with it, and even better for Woody, he won’t have to put up with any back talk or criticism regarding the near-religious fervor he reaches and the lengths he goes to while defending Tim Tebow. Good for him

As far as the mechanical toy bird goes, it’s alright, but despite its cuteness, the sophistication it exhibits pales in comparison to the technological prowess of Bubo the mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans. And I’m talking about the original version of the film, not the super-cheesy one from a few years back. Because when you are looking for non-cheesy movie fare, you can’t miss with Harry Hamlin wearing a loincloth and Sir Laurence Olivier shamelessly bastardizing a legendary career portraying Zeus. But perhaps that’s a story for another time. Maybe Woody and his new parrot friend can discuss it at great length later during some down time.

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