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(Video) Nothing To See Here, Just A Cage Fight Between An 8 And 9-Year-Old Boy

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children referred to parents allowing their children to fight in cage matches as “disturbing,” Nick Hartley, a parent whose son is featured in the above video, called what is going on “more wrestling than fighting,” but either way you slice it, this is video of two British boys under the age of 10 fighting inside a cage, much to the delight of 200 beer-swilling, hollering, adult onlookers.

The video has not surprisingly caused a firestorm of controversy in Britain. Recorded during an event at the Greenlands New Labour Social Club in Northwest England, the fight has been condemned by both the health ministry as well as the official cage fighting association in Britain. But the owner of the club, Michelle Anderson, maintains the controversy is much ado about nothing (via the New York Daily News):

“The children were doing what they call grappling. The cage fighting only comes when they get older,” she told Sky News.

“It’s just the name ‘cage fighting’ that people are getting annoyed at, or they criticize it because they know nothing about it.”

Fair enough. Then why call it cage fighting? How about something with a much less sinister tone, say “Extreme Tiddlywinks But Instead Of Tiddly Winks They Are Fighting Inside A Cage But It’s Not Really Cage Fighting Per Se.” Yeah, that probably wouldn’t work — way too long. Also, they’re cage fighting.

Video follows.

Alright. Without knowing much about the entire situation, it might be difficult for a person naive in the ways of Kiddy Cage Fighting to arrive at a conclusive, definitive opinion regarding whether or not these fights should be banned and universally condemned or if the supporters of the exhibitions are right and there is no harm being done to the children participating in it. With that, I’ll leave you with a passage from the Daily News’ article regarding the 10-minute melee:

A referee marshals the fight, and rules prevent the boys from punching and kicking each other.

At one point, the match is paused when one of the boys bursts into tears.

So, there you have it. What “it” is exactly, I’m not entirely certain.

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