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(Video) High School QB’s Desperation Touchdown Pass A Thing Of Careless Beauty

Careless beauty? What does that even mean? Is it anything like a “Careless Whisper”? Because if it is, well, um, I’m never going to dance again. Or something.

This clip comes from a high school football league in Connecticut pitting the squads from Hillhouse and North Haven against each other. Trailing 19-7 in the third quarter, North Haven QB Jalon White drops back and faces immediate pressure. While getting dragged down to the turf at about the 20-yard line, White blindly tosses up a Phillip Rivers-esque floater high up into the air, up for grabs for anyone. A usually unwise move, to be sure, but in this case, fate rewards White for his irresponsible handling of the football, as it is pulled down by wide receiver Joe Burr, who scampers into the end zone for the easy touchdown. Courtesy of the momentum of that ill-advised — but beneficial — play, North Haven stormed back, ultimately beating Hillhouse 21-19 in each of the teams’ season opener.

Yep, outcomes of making plays like this one generally don’t come out as well as this one did. But there you go. Sometimes, it pays to be reckless.

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