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Portly NBA Analyst Challenges Portly NFL Analyst To Foot Race

Slightly-less-chunky-but-still-chubby TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley (above, in his much-ballyhooed race against the ageless Dick Bavetta) has formally challenged NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp and his svelte-challenged physique to a race during his appearance on Rich Eisen’s podcast. You can hear the audio over at Game On!, but here’s the gist of it:

Calling Sapp, now an NFL analyst, a big fat lineman, Barkley said he would race him anytime, anywhere at any distance.

“I was highly, highly offended when Warren Sapp thought he could outrun me,” said Barkley. “I’ll bet anything in the world that Warren can not out run me.”

The boastful challenge by Barkley no doubt stems from this exchange between the two back in July during Sir Charles’ appearance on NFL Total Access were the two badmouthed each other regarding the current shape the other is currently in following their playing careers. All I know is a race between the two would most certainly qualify as Must-See-TV. Just imagine it. The sweating, the gasping for air, the flab. Actually, that sounds horrible. But if the race does indeed go on and it is televised, if Carole King isn’t brought in to sing “I Feel The Earth Move” immediately prior to the starting gun being fired, I would be profoundly disappointed at the missed opportunity.

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