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Chris Kluwe Returns To Whiteboard Commentary, This Time It’s About Faking Injuries

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is something of a Renaissance Man, especially as far as NFL punters go (see here), but perhaps nothing Kluwe does better exemplifies this than his forays into NFL commentary in the medium of whiteboard. Who can forget his stick figure-based analysis of the messy NFL labor morass from earlier this year? Or how about his vitriolic thoughts regarding the video the NFL sent out last season to teams regarding illegal hits? Good stuff.

Well, Kluwe has once again unleashed his acerbic marker (can a marker be acerbic? huh), and the topic of discussion for today is the memo the NFL sent out to teams which detailed the potential consequences of  faking injuries, due to the controversy created due to the possibility (or likelihood, depending on your point of view) that two New York Giants players feigned injuries to slow down the Rams offense on Monday night.

As you can see above, Kluwe believes the threats of fines, suspensions or forfeiture of draft picks aren’t really going to solve the problem. Threaten a player by saying they will have their official position changed to kicker or punter? Now that is going to turn some heads and change behaviors. Play like you have a pair, indeed.

[via @ChrisWarcraft]