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West F**kin’ Virginia Offering Amnesty Exchange For West F**kin’ Virginia Shirts

Good golly, can West Virginia University possibly do anything more to attract attention to a seemingly meaningless issue? Last week, Oliver Luck, WVU’s athletic director, published an open letter on the school’s athletics website pleading with fans to stop wearing “West F**kin’ Virginia” shirts or any variation of that theme to home games, as they are “not the image of our University and our state that we want to promote,” among other things.

While that’s all well and good — I guess — the school has taken it a step further as the university has issued a press release offering amnesty to West F**kin’ Virginia t-shirts in the guise of a $20 voucher for any other WVU athletics apparel redeemable at the WVU Bookstore, Book Exchange or the Team Shop in the Coliseum, just so long as the cretins formally surrender their vulgar shirt. The key is according to the press release, the shirts will be accepted “no questions asked,” lest the Anti-West F**kin’ Virginia Gestapo take you into custody for interrogation and torture. “WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS SHIRT????” “I’M TELLIN’ YA, I DON’T F**KIN’ KNOW!!!”

The student group Mountaineer Maniacs are the organization leading the charge against free speech and high comedy. From WVU Today (via Sports Grid):

“This is a great opportunity for students to make the right decision and gain something in return for having great sportsmanship,” said Maniacs Director Steve Staffileno. “The Mountaineer Maniacs always promote positive sportsmanship from all WVU students and fans.

“The chance to receive legitimate West Virginia Mountaineer apparel in return for one of these other offensive shirts should be taken advantage of by everyone.”

“The T-shirt Amnesty program is a great step toward showcasing our fan base as one of the rowdiest yet most respectful in the country,” said Student Government Association President Jason Bailey. “I have a little sister and brother at home, ages 5 and 10, who will be watching the game on TV. I personally don’t want them to see vulgar T-shirts on TV, but I do want them to witness the intensity behind our Mountaineer pride. This program still gives students the chance to exercise their free speech rights, but it also highlights the importance of what it means to be a Mountaineer.”

Ah yes, “legitimate West Virginia Mountaineer apparel.” Sounds pretty f**kin’ boring if you ask me.

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