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(Video) LeBron Pokes Fun At His ‘Not Six, Not Seven’ Comments In McDonald’s Ad

Jeez, even LeBron James is getting in on the “Ripping LeBron James” action. And it’s in a McDonald’s commercial for their Monopoly game, no less. Good on you, LeBron.

Advertising Age has the scoop (via SB Nation):

In Mr. James’ spot, the voice-over begins to say what the odds of LeBron James winning seven championships are, only to be interrupted by Mr. James, who says, “Aw, c’mon man.” Then the voice-over adds, “Odds of LeBron winning a prize, one in four.”

Awesome. And apparently, James was gung-ho on taking a shot at himself. Said Douglas Freeland, marketing director and program lead for Monopoly at McDonald’s:

“[W]e thought we’d have a little fun with him, and he was totally fine with teasing and poking a little fun at himself with the notion of the odds of winning seven championships.”

It’s funny, you see, because James’ handlers told him this would be a good way to continue his massive image rehabilitation project by subtly admitting that the false bravado and braggard nature he exhibited upon joining the Miami Heat was patently idiotic. Good job, James’ handlers. Have a McCaf√© on me. Better yet, have LeBron buy you a round.¬† I am no longer allowed in McDonald’s restaurants anymore after the “Shamrock Shake Meltdown of 2009.” How hard is it to add that damn item to the menu year-round?

See the Spots: In McDonald’s Monopoly Ads, LeBron Laughs at Himself [Advertising Age (via SB Nation)]