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(Video) Artest Keeping His New Name For A Couple Years, ‘Until There’s World Peace’

Sure, the entire dancing reality show world is mourning (or celebrating, how am I to know) the dismissal of Metta World Peace from Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night, the first Dancing Star to be eliminated. Awww. Now, given I’m not the best judge of people, but after watching Metta World Peace’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, I get the impression he’s not too broken up about it, which means nor should we.

Artest, er, Metta, was joined by his dance partner, the very leggy Peta Murgatroyd — Snagglepuss says, “Heavens to Murgatroyd!” (I have to be the first person to make that reference, right?) — and instead of talking at length about DWTS, Kimmel seemed as interested in discussing the NBA star’s recent name change. Due to the direction Kimmel took, this is how this little sample of off-kilter, Artestian brilliance came about regarding Metta World Peace’s views about the proximity to our world achieving world peace (via Sporting News):

Kimmel added, “I feel like you’re going to change your name again. I feel like you’re the type that will do this every 18 months.”

An optimistic World Peace responded, “I’m going to keep it like this for at least a couple years, until there’s world peace.”

Fantastic. And frankly, why shouldn’t we believe him? I mean, who would know better than this guy?

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