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The New England Hoodie Duffel Is A Must-Have For All Patriots Fans

Well, make that all Patriots fans who want to appear completely ridiculous lugging this thing back and forth to the gym. Wow. Would you get a look at that? It’s horrifically ugly. And I can assure you, it is all too real. The item is available for purchase on Amazon for $30.99 and according to the sole review of the item, the New England Patriots Hoodie Duffel has been available at least since December 2010. Fashionisto Tom Brady would vomit right on that thing if one were presented to him.

What’s really disappointing about the product, according to the Amazon page, is these atrocities are sold for other NFL teams, MLB squads, college teams, NHL, you name it, on this site.. But when you get down to brass tacks, there is not a more fitting team to have a unkempt-looking, disheveled duffel bearing its logo than the Patriots, what with their unkempt-looking, disheveled-appearing coach. One question: why aren’t there sleeves on that bad boy? Anyone who’s anyone knows you cannot complete the Belichick-ian hoodie look with cutting some sleeves off.

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