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Golfer Paralyzed After Getting Hit With Club Thrown By Member Of Foursome

An Australian appellate court has rejected an appeal by Daniel Patrick Betts to reduce the two-year prison sentence handed down to him earlier this year for paralyzing a fellow member of his foursome, Dane Parvianen, due to a horrific meltdown suffered by Betts after a bad shot during round of golf in December 2009.

From a Courier Mail report (via FOX Sports):

Betts was disgusted with a shot and whacked his wedge into the ground before turning side on and throwing it at a golf cart.

The court was told the club sailed into Mr Parvianen’s head dropping him to the ground.

Betts had administered first aid while another player went for help.

Mr Parviainen, now 27, suffered a severe head injury which left him unable to work, to play sport or read and write.

He needed two emergency operations to relieve brain pressure from his fractured skull.

Holy crap. That is horrible. Despite the fact Betts pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to Parvianen in June, he argued that the sentence was excessive. If you ask me, the sentence wasn’t harsh enough. I’ve played with troglodytic psychopaths like this during my many years of golfing — you never know what they are going to do when they hit a bad shot: swear, take a slab of turf out of the ground with a violent swing or even worse, wind up and chuck their club in an embarrassing display of shameful immaturity. But never before have I ever heard a story as sad and despicable as this one. Let that be a lesson to any of you golfers out there who cannot control your violent fits of rage on the golf course: if you do crap like this, stop, or quit golfing altogether and consider yourself incredibly lucky you haven’t suffered the same fate as Betts due to his erratic, and because of what happened solely by his own hands, criminal behavior.

Angry golfer jailed after leaving mate crippled when he hurled club and hit him in the head at Noosa [Courier Mail (via FOX Sports)]