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Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Missing Minor League Mascot Head

Okay, okay, Encyclopedia Brown isn’t on this particular case — primarily because he’s a beloved, yet fictional character of children’s books — but if he were, you’re darn tootin’ he’d get down to the mysterious disappearance of the head of minor league baseball mascot, Stomper the Bear. Stomper, who has served as the mascot since 2009 for the Lake Erie Crushers, a member of the independent Frontier League, had the head portion of his costume stolen out of a storage closet, which has prevented the fan favorite from appearing at the last two home stands for the team as well as the playoffs. The strangest aspect of the story is that the thief left the other portions of the mascot costume behind (see below). Given the preliminary facts of the case, methinks we might have a demented Furry on our hands.

From (via Yahoo!):

“It affects everyone’s time at the ballpark,” said David Helm, vice president of business operations for the Crushers. “He was always dancing, signing autographs… It takes away from the experience fans can have.” Helm called the 6-foot-8 bear a good dancer and fun loving.

“He’s more recognizable than any of the players and all of the staff,” Helm said. “People really love him.”

Indeed, yet quite the conundrum remains. Who is behind the nefarious plot to deprive Crushers fans of their right to interact and enjoy the antics of Stomper the Bear? What kind of dastardly evildoer could be behind such a heinous act? Hard to say, but if the world needed Encyclopedia Brown to leap from the pages into reality, it is now. And if he were not available, I suppose we would appreciate the assistance of Encyclopedia Brown’s lesser-known colleague, Thesaurus Tan. Sure, he is much less accomplished a crime-solver than his fellow adolescent detective brethren, but boy, can he come up with some pretty impressive words to describe exactly what the heck is going on.

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