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Baron Davis Offered Internship At Cleveland Advertising Agency

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Baron Davis announced in June that he was heading back to school at UCLA to earn his degree in history. The worthiness of such a degree notwithstanding, you have to admire Davis for taking advantage of the NBA lockout to pursue worthwhile goals. Apparently, a local advertising firm in Cleveland, Liggett Stashower, caught wind of Davis’ educational aspirations and despite his major being history, has offered him an internship with their agency. somehow managed to obtain a copy of the letter sent from the agency to Davis, which follows:

We recently heard you’re taking advantage of your time off from basketball by going back to college. We wish you the best of luck as you look to finish your degree.

We’re not sure of UCLA’s regulations, but many universities require that students complete an internship to graduate. Frankly, every student should pursue an internship. It’s the best way to try out a career while you still have time to change your mind. That said, Liggett Stashower would like to offer you an intern position.

Best wishes,

Liggett Stashower

I have to give this Liggett Stashower some credit for this savvy marketing move on behalf of their firm. What better way to get your name out than with a gimmick like offering a high profile NBA player an internship? Kudos. Although I hope Baron Davis gives the offer some serious thought before jumping at the opportunity and accepting the intern position. Because as much as we would like to believe it, working at an ad agency no longer involves pounding cocktails, smoking cigarettes and indiscriminately banging secretaries. Damn you, Sterling Cooper and Don Draper!

All I know is if Davis accepts the position, it will most certainly go a helluva lot better than Blake Griffin’s experiences at Funny or Die. Not that it would take much.

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