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Twin Cities Man’s Obituary Mentions He Was Mad At Joe Mauer Prior To His Death

I heard about this story on Sunday courtesy of Twin Cities radio host Dan Barreiro’s Twitter account, but completely spaced writing anything about it — I blame the economy — but it be true: the obituary of far-too-young-to-die (22) Josiah A. Abeler published Sunday in Minneapolis-based newspaper the Star Tribune contained a rip on Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer:

Abeler, Josiah A. Age 22 of Anoka. Suffered a seisure in his sleep. Josiah was a senior at Bethel College majoring in business and enjoyed his Costco family. Anoka High School graduate, Class of 2007. Josiah had a great time playing Tornado football, basketball and track. He was a Twins fan, though angry at Joe Mauer.

Zing. Although it is a surprising choice by the family member who wrote up the obit. To actually take the time and space to rip Joe Mauer and his near-embarrassing sub-par performance this season, from the bilateral leg weakness fiasco, to his horrific power numbers, to the way in which the many commercials he starred in rubbed Twins fans the wrong way, and finally, putting the kibosh on playing the rest of the season due to pneumonia, to say that the Twins star, who was nearly granted god-like status in Minnesota, has experienced a tremendous backlash from his once-adoring fans would be a gross understatement. But to go so far as to take a potshot at the guy in a young man’s obituary? Man, this Josiah Abeler kid must have been really ticked at Mauer.

[via Star Tribune via @DanBarreiroKFAN]