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Video Depicting Blake Griffin’s Pathetic Existence As Funny Or Die Intern Is Funny

24/7 Blake Griffin: NBA Star Turned Intern from Blake Griffin

Warning: video contains mild profanity, but let’s all be adults here, it’s not that bad

“Ostracized. Alone. Griffin begins to retreat into himself.” Ha. So much good stuff going on here. The guy who comes down on Griffin because the new intern giggles when he shouldn’t because comedy is a serious business, but then proceeds to ask the group to come up with words that rhyme with d**k. The guy who walks by and gives Griffin the finger. The other guy who treats the NBA superstar like an idiot when instructing him on how to use the phone. But the pièce de résistance is when Griffin starts cussing out Will Ferrell after the comedian treats him poorly and refuses to read his script, only for Ferrell to compliment him and tell Griffin he likes his style.

It’s funny, you see, because that’s exactly how the so-called bigwigs at Funny or Die would treat a lowly intern. Because, as I mentioned just now, it was funny. And if it wasn’t, they would presumably die, you know, given the name of their comedy organization.