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The Glasses On Tigers Broadcaster Ernie Harwell’s Statue Have Been Stolen

Tigers officials have confirmed that the glasses of longtime, legendary Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell were pried off the statue honoring the man. The statue, which honors the man who passed away in May 2010 and sits outside Comerica Park, was reportedly vandalized back in July and that is when it is suspected the glasses were stolen.

How someone could have been able to climb up on the statue and steal the statue’s spectacles is anyone’s guess, but as Tigers spokesman Ron Colangelo conceded, “With 43,000 people a night coming through your turnstiles, things happen.”

The Tigers fully intend to have the studio who created the statue make new glasses and reattach them, but given the delicate nature of that particular component of the statue, there is no guarantee that they will not be stolen again (via The Detroit News):

“We’re going to attach them as strongly as possible,” says Omri Amrany of the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany in Fort Sheridan, Ill., “but if somebody has a crowbar and a little persuasion, you cannot keep the glasses on anybody. Anything that can break a car can break a statue.”

┬áThe image above depicts how the statue appeared with Harwell’s glasses firmly in place and a photo of the statue sans glasses follows.

Sheesh. What would possess a person to so callously violate something which honors such a respected and a larger-than-life member of the Tigers family in such a way? I mean, I know times are tough in Detroit right now, but to engage in such risky behavior given the likelihood the glasses aren’t even the same prescription as the thief’s? I mean, is the person who stole them actually going to bring them to his optometrist to switch out the lenses? Seems like a lot of work to me.

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