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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Jay Cutler Wishes Ex Good Luck On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

“Good luck babe.” How thoughtful. Despite breaking off their engagement in July, the coals that once glowed brightly from the love between the surly, pouty Chicago Bears quarterback and his reality star former fiancee may still be smoldering a bit given Jay Cutler sent out the above tweet to his ex prior to her taking the stage on Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night.

Of course, Miss Cavallari responded, smiley face emoticon and all:

OMG, is that adorable or what? But seriously, the entire exchange between the former lovers should come as an encouraging sign to Bears fans. No, not for the fact that reigniting his relationship with Kristin Cavallari might somehow light the competitive fire inside their quarterback. Nope. It’s actually encouraging because Jay Cutler was able to function both physically and mentally after the savage beating he took at the hands of the New Orleans Saints defense on Sunday. The fact that he wasn’t eating his meals through a straw and had sufficient enough faculties to use his hands come Tuesday should be considered a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing performance for Bears fans.