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(Photo) Lady Gaga Thinks Disabled People At Giants Game Deserve Champagne, Too

Man, that Lady Gaga: what a class act. There she was, enjoying a little Monday Night Football action, a tilt which pit her hometown New York Giants against the St. Louis Rams from her luxury box. Now this is, of course, only conjecture, but apparently, Lady Gaga noticed some handicapped patrons sitting directly below her who, due to their status as wheelchair-bound peons, were not as fortunate as the Fame Monster to be imbibing on some fancy-schmancy champagne during the game at MetLife Stadium.

Upon realizing the tragic status of their champagne-free gameday experience, Lady Gaga proceeded to dump champagne out of her glass into their presumed gaping, parched mouths. While I am sure the disabled folks appreciated her charity, you can tell the guy sitting behind her feels completely left out. Maybe if you were in a wheelchair or something, dude. Quit your sour-faced pouting.

What a gal. Makes you wonder why she hasn’t been beatified yet.

[image courtesy of, via Deadspin]