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Peyton Manning’s Rehab At Point Where He Could Join Old People On A Mall Walk

Encouraging news for Indianapolis Colts fans, to be sure. Peyton Manning has begun his rehabilitation process! And the grueling nature of his strenuous rehab should certainly inspire Colts fans that his return is nigh! That’s right, Manning has begun walking. Briskly, even. He was spotted Monday at the Colts’ indoor training facility doing laps. But they were brisk laps, people.

The exciting scene, as painted by

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne looked up as Manning passed. Wayne looked at Manning, looked at a small group of reporters off to the side, back at Manning, then back at the reporters.

“Walking it off, I guess,” Wayne said with a shrug.

On his next pass, Manning looked at the two television cameramen present and said, “Can I get this for my scrapbook? Pretty exciting, huh?”

Exciting, indeed. I mean, as far as Colts fans, players and management are concerned, when your franchise quarterback’s rehab from his eighteenth (okay, not 18th) neck surgery is at the point where it is the intensity equivalent to the manner in which senior citizens get their exercise — brisk walks around indoor facilities, malls in the case of old folks — a Colts fan has no choice but to get pretty pumped up about his imminent return.

Peyton Manning walks laps at Colts practice []