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Wife Of Star NFL QB Given Preferential Treatment By State Trooper

I know, I know, but try to contain your surprise, shock and indignation for just a moment, because, as is often the case, things might not appear exactly as they seem.

According to a report in the Boston Herald, Gisele Bundchen, the fetching wife of a prominent star New England Patriots quarterback, one Tom Brady, was pulled over for speeding Saturday by a Massachusetts state trooper on Saturday and was let off with only a warning.

Initiate outrage.

Via the Boston Herald:

So here’s the scoop: State trooper Michael Hopper was running a speed trap Saturday on Route 6 in Barnstable when he pulled over a Cadillac SUV with the supermodel mommy at the wheel and, police said, two babies in the back. (Rut-roh!) Gigi was doing 70; sadly, the speed limit was 55.

Rut-roh? What the hell is that? Ah, who am I to judge? I use the phrase “Jeez-Louise” frequently. Moving on, I know we should all be wringing our hands and gnashing our teeth provided the egregious preferential treatment clearly afforded to Gisele by the state trooper, but stop right there: according to a spokesman, this is not uncommon, even if you aren’t the spouse of the most adored athlete in the greater New England area:

“He did give her a warning and let her go on her way,” said State Police spokesman David Procopio. “He reminded her that the speed limit on the Cape is 55, not 65 as it is in other parts of the state.”

“That trooper stopped 25 cars that day, five were given warnings including Gisele,” he said. “The other 20, who were doing more egregious things, were given tickets. She got no special treatment. If he stopped Mrs. Rex Ryan for the same thing, she also wouldn’t have gotten a citation.”

So all’s well that ends well, right? Mrs. Tom Brady was treated exactly the same as any other devastatingly gorgeous, über-rich supermodel wife of a Super Bowl-winning quarterback would have been treated on that particular day. It’s nice to know that this particular Massachusetts state patrol officer treats his job seriously with the utmost dignity and professionalism. But wait. Not so fast, my friend. There appears to be more to this sordid tale of one supermodel’s super-speedy spin above the law. Apparently, the son of the state trooper, tweeted that this isn’t exactly how it all went down:

“He let her go,” tweeted William J. Hopper. “But in return she signed her autograph on the citation with kisses.”

Was this fellow’s tweet a true representation of what occurred or just a tongue-in-cheek joke? Hard to say, but either way, I will give you this: what tangled webs the rich and powerful weave. Money. Power. Beauty. Fame. Possibly autographed citations with kisses on them. This story had it all.

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