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Wake N’ Blog: Iowa Couple Discovers Pumpkin Growing In Their Pear Tree

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• I suppose it’s better than a partridge, right? Phil and JaNelle Lovely of Greenfield, Iowa discovered what appears to be a pumpkin growing in their pear tree. But it wasn’t technically growing out of the pear tree — turns out a vine from a nearby garden snaked its way up the tree, thereby giving the appearance that the pumpkin had sprouted from something it shouldn’t, which leads to wonder why this story is all over the interwebs right now. I guess the picture of it is neat, should you want to click through on the story. [Yahoo!]

• The interception return by the well-conditioned athlete Vince Wilfork was a sight to behold. [Shutdown Corner]

• Announcer Thom Brennaman thinks Al Gore plays for the 49ers. [Awful Announcing]

• Here’s video of David Beckham going incognito to sell his cologne at a Target store. [Off the Bench]

• Must-see video of two senior citizen ladies shotgunning beers at the Michigan game. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Eddie Vedder joins Winnipeg fans in a rousing rendition of “Go Jets Go.” [Puck Daddy]

• A soccer goalie got knockeddafuggout courtesy of a kick to the head. [Bob’s Blitz]

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