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Rob Ryan’s Play-Calling Sheet Had Photo Of Bikini Babe On It (And A Mystery Is Solved)

Ah, the internet. Such a marvelous thing, not only because somebody noticed that Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s play-calling sheet has a photo of a chick in a bikini (closer-up image follows). But even better? After Jimmy Traina put out the request for his Hot Clicks readers to identify just exactly who the gal is, it only took a short time for one intrepid individual to not only name the bikini babe, he forwarded along the exact photo (also follows) on Ryan’s playsheet.

First a close-up of the screengrab (courtesy of Deadspin):

And the buxom bikini model? None other than the one, the only, Diora Baird:

Nice. Well, that certainly wraps up that sexy little mystery. Good job, internet. Also, the Ryan brothers are two weird cats, man. Not that we needed this story to know that, but it certainly lends an additional level of confirmation to that now inarguable fact.

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