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(Photos) Alex Ovechkin Gets Pied In The Face By Teammates On Birthday

Ha ha. Do you like apples, birthday boy? Well, how do you like them apples?

Saturday was Alexander Ovechkin’s 26th birthday, so teammates Brooks Laich and Niklas Backstrom ambushed Ovie by pieing him in the face not once, but twice during a session with the media. Fortunately for us, Alex Gordon of Russian Machine Never Breaks was on the scene and he has frame-by-frame documentation and video of the prank, so be sure to head on over there for a more detailed account of the hilarity.

Poor Ovie. Talk about a horrible birthday present. My assumption is that the towel pie was of the shaving cream variety, so I bet that stung. Sure, not the same kind of sting caused by coming up short every season in the playoffs, but stinging nonetheless.

[H/T Russian Machine Never Breaks]