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(Video) NAIA Running Back Gets Hit So Hard By Safety His Kids Will Be Born Dizzy

Good golly, Miss Molly. That looked painful.

The early leader in “Ultra-Violent, Super-Vicious, Head-Snapping, Bone-Crushing, Football Hit of the Year” (brought to you by our sponsor, punctuation mark the hyphen) comes courtesy of the punishing shot Drew Yeargin, a safety for the University of the Cumberlands (Ky.), laid on poor, poor Ryan Bouldin, who, presumably, is a still a running back for the University of Virginia-Wise. That is, unless he got wise and decided not to play football any longer (see what I did there?).

Anyhoo, as Bouldin is reaching up to catch a little pseudo-flare pass, he takes his eyes off the field in front of him and Yeargin takes full advantage of Bouldin’s vulnerability as he lowered the boom on the running back who had no idea he was about to take a ride on the NAIA Pain Train. And as Nick Bromberg over at Dr. Saturday pointed out, the hit appeared to be clean.

Sweet mercy, did that guy get de-cleated or what? Not only de-cleated, but de-mouthguarded as well. I mean, he got knocked into next week. He was dropped like a bag of dirt. There were two hits: Yeargin hitting Bouldin and Bouldin hitting the turf. He nearly got flipped like a cheese omelette. So, uh, are any of these old lines my old man used to say, including one in the title, doing anything for you? Go ahead, laugh it up. You weren’t there.

Hidden Video: NAIA safety delivers devastating hit [Dr. Saturday]