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(Video) Like A Fish In A Barrel: Marlins Trap Rookie In Bullpen Bathroom

More rookie hazing mayhem, folks! And if you ask me, the more of these harmless hijinks occur, the better. This time, it involves a young man, a bathroom and some barricading.

The victim? Rookie reliever Jose Ceda. The perpetrators? The Florida Marlins bullpen, led by ringleader Edward Mujica. The objects utilized? A bunch of sandbags, which were stacked outside the Marlins bullpen bathroom at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, trapping Ceda inside for a spell. Good stuff. What makes it even better is that it didn’t occur at the Marlins’ soon-to-be former home ballpark, Sun Life Stadium. That way, there were actually fans in attendance to witness the frivolity.

[H/T Big League Stew]