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(Video) ‘Cats & Dogs’ Football Coach Explains Why Bizarre Press Conference Went Viral

The interwebs thoroughly enjoyed Coastal Carolina head coach David Bennett’s performance art-quality storytelling when video of his amazing press conference emerged where he illustrated that his team needed more players with dog-like mentalities by spinning a yarn about a cat who got trapped inside his kitchen due to a malfunctioning screen door. It was a hoot.

Well, ESPN finally got its talons into the southern-drawling coach and took part in an interview with some random anchor on SportsCenter. The entire three minutes is a delight to listen to, but Bennett nailed exactly what causes viral videos to become, um, so viral.

Random SportsCenter anchor: When you started hearing about how this went viral and was being played on ESPN all day and into the next week as it was just now, what was your reaction to that?

Coach Bennett: Y’all hard up for news. Must’ve been a slow day.”

Brilliant. His keen grasp of how the interwebs truly work is impressive. He’s like the Al Gore of YouTube or something.

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