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Man Dons Long Underwear, Phillies Hat, Fancies Himself A Superhero

His superhero name? Long Underwear Man, of course. A very brief bio of the self-anointed superhero from his YouTube page (yes, he has a YouTube page — and a Facebook page, too), via The700Level:

 I like to travel around as Long Underwear Man visiting Con across America. I have to Comic Book, Anime,Horror, and Sci-Fi shows

Ohhhh-kay, then. Whatever that means. And don’t go trying to find out his secret identity. He keeps that kind of information pretty close to the vest, or long underwear, as it were. Under “Occupation,” Long Underwear Man writes, “Will not say.” Fair enough.

I concede this odd man who one day might save your life at a Comic Con is barely sports- related, other than the Phillies hat, of course. But you know what? Between this presumed Phillies fan and the Jennifer Lopez-inspired parody song about the Phillies by Big Philly Fan (as well as many, many other examples – Elusive Citizens Bank Park Dumpster Hippie Phillies Fan, Taser Phillies Fan, Philly Red Man Fan, Will-Have-Sex-For-World-Series-Tickets Phillies Fan, to name a few , I am beginning to suspect that there are a lot Phillies fans out there who might not be right in the head. It’s just they haven’t done anything yet to attract attention to their “not-right-in-the-head-ness.” Yet.

[H/T The700Level]