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Hey, Look! More Ridiculous MLB Rookie Hazing Outfit Photos!

It’s funny because these are not the kind of clothes these guys would usually wear. In public, at least.

Courtesy of Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Ricky Romero comes additional images of rookie baseball players forced into wearing silly costumes for the amusement of their teammates. This time, it’s catcher J.P. Arencibia (left) and third baseman Brett Lawrie (right) who were the poor souls subjected to costume-based hazing. Nice tutu, Lawrie. It goes well with the tattoo and the black shoes and socks. And I don’t know what the heck is going on with Arencibia’s superhero costume.

Additional photo of Lawrie fielding questions from reporters in his goofy getup follows.

Ha. The mask really ties the entire ensemble together. They really got him with this one!

[via @RickyRo24]