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Amarillo Sox Are Auctioning Off Their Massive Erection Mascot Costume On eBay

First arising way back in late June, the Amarillo Sox mascot costume that set the internets ablaze with its uncanny and unfortunate resemblance to how one would imagine how an already phallic-looking mascot might appear with an erection — not that one should be imagining such things, pervert — the minor league team, in light of the massive, um, unintentionally hilarious attention the costume garnered, has decided to put the costume up for auction on eBay:

Featured in Sports Illustrated, the Huffington Post, Failblog and many others, now is the opportunity to purchase this piece of Amarillo baseball lore for a great cause.  The Amarillo Sox are incredibly excited to feature this one-of-a-kind item to the public. 

Portions of the proceeds will be donated to four separate Amarillo charities during the 2012 season chosen by the Amarillo Sox organization.

The “Buy It Now” price is a cool $25,000 with a minimum opening bid of $5,000. Well, it is for a good cause, so get a couple of your sickee friends together and you and your pals can take turns wearing it to mascot orgies, or whatever it is one might do with such an interesting item. I would advise, however, not to use the costume to entertain children at birthday parties. Probably wouldn’t go over too well. Just a hunch.

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