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(Video) A Bloated Curt Schilling Horribly Overthrew A Ceremonial First Pitch

On Saturday night, the Arizona Diamondbacks commemorated the 10th anniversary of their thrilling World Series victory over the New York Yankees in 2001. To honor the occasion, Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling, among others, were on hand to celebrate their hard-fought, thrilling championship, with Johnson and Schilling given the task of throwing out the ceremonial first pitches prior to the game.

Johnson gave a good accounting of himself, delivering a nice toss to his catcher. Schilling, on the other hand, did not perform quite as admirably, airmailing his pitch way over the catcher’s head. One would thing Schilling would be better able to groove one right into the catcher’s mitt with nary a thought nor any effort.

But you know what? Schilling is only considered one of the best pitchers of the modern era, it’s not like we should expect any more out of him, then say, Carl Lewis or the countless others who have embarrassed themselves performing what appears to be a relatively benign task of throwing a baseball from about fifty feet. Maybe he was just really excited about the night and the tremendous honor…not to mention the enticing smells wafting from the concession stands.

Ah, I kid, I kid. He doesn’t look that bad. Except for the, you know, entire throwing-a-baseball thing.

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