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Snickers, NFL Team Up For Ad Campaign Dealing With Leon Lett’s Famous Gaffe

Sure, I’m pretty much just kowtowing for two corporate behemoths, but the entire concept behind having fans vote on whether or not they can forgive former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett for his legendary mistake which occurred during a snowy 1993 Thanksgiving day game between America’s Team and the Miami Dolphins.

Down 14-13 with 15 seconds remaining in the game, the Dolphins lined up for a 41-yard field goal on the slick field. The attempt was blocked and the ball skidded across the icy surface harmlessly. That is, until Lett idiotically ran down the field to the ball and attempted to pick it up, which gave the Fins another chance at kicking a field goal, which they made. Ball game, Dolphins 16, Cowboys 14.

This is where the clever ad campaign picks up the story (via The Dallas Morning News):

The documentary is titled The Man Who Played Literally Hungry: Leon Lett and the True Story Behind His Infamous Thanksgiving Blunder . It plays off Snickers’ theme of tackling hunger with a Snickers candy bar and includes interviews with Cowboys Chad Hennings, Darrin Smith and Russell Maryland. Leon Lett’s defense? He played literally hungry, and thought the ball was a Snickers.

Fans can watch the documentary and vote on whether they forgive Leon for just playing hungry. If there are 25,000 votes to forgive him, Snickers will honor him when the Cowboys play the Dolphins on Thanksgiving Day this season in Cowboys Stadium.

Ha. Well done. There is a four-part video series regarding Lett’s tragic — but possibly redemptive — tale available for viewing at Unfortunately, they are not embeddable, but they are worth a look-see.

Can you forgive Leon Lett for his Thanksgiving Day blunder? Snickers pleads his case [The Dallas Morning News]