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Now Manny Ramirez Has Received The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Sigh. Another day, another sports figure receives the much ballyhooed Taiwanese animation treatment. Yesterday, it was the report regarding Serena Williams verbally abusing the chair umpire at the U.S. Open, now we get Manny Ramirez allegedly laying the smack down on his wife and getting charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

While the gravity of the charges, not to mention the cowardice of Ramirez’s actions (if the allegations prove to be true) are no laughing matter, it is hard to suppress chuckling when watching any of these Taiwanese CGI re-creations. I mean, why would Manny be wearing a baseball uniform? And I love how his “jail” in a baseball stadium and how he hands a bagful of money to umps in order to be released from custody.

On second thought, perhaps their is some symbolism going on with the choices the animators made which needs to be interpreted. Maybe to Manny, baseball was a jail of sorts and now that he is free from the chains which bound him, he is free to be himself, which evidently involves slapping around his wife. Not good. Not good for anybody.