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NO!!!! Alex Rodriguez And Cameron Diaz Broke Up!

First it was Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly calling it quits, now we have another sad tale of how a New York Yankees player and his actress girlfriend just couldn’t make it work due to the demands of their respective, high-profile careers.

Yep, sad but true: US Weekly has reported that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz (shown above, in happier, popcorn-feeding-at-the-Super-Bowl times) have split.

What happened? Sources say it was their steely-eyed focus to honing their crafts (via the New York Daily News):

“She’s very busy with her career,” the source says of Bad Teacher actress Diaz, 39. “And he’s had injuries and wants to focus on his game. They’re dedicated professionals.”

¬†Accordingly, don’t expect any drama in the wake of their split. “They’re still very friendly and like each other,” the source says. “He has an enormous amount of respect for her.”

Enormous respect, they say? I wonder if his respect was so enormous he commissioned a painting of her as a Kentauride, otherwise known as a female centaur to go along with the one he reportedly had of himself:

(not the real one, but a realistic approximation)

No, this amusing illustration has absolutely nothing to do with the story, but come on, look at it.

Some of you might be asking, “What’s in store for the brokenhearted lovebirds?” Hard to say. Cameron will probably move on and squeeze every last drop out of her rapidly diminishing appeal to the finicky market she makes her living in. And I guess you could say A-Rod will be doing about the same. In a manner of speaking.

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