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Last Night In Awesomely Nonsensical Quotes From Ozzie Guillen…

It has been a very trying year for Chicago White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen. Now that he and his team find themselves once again prematurely out of the pennant race, it’s high time for Ozzie and the entire White Sox organization to take stock and assess exactly what transpired over the last six months to leave them 12.5 games back in the Al Central. A personal, as well as professional, inventory, if you will.

That is exactly what CSN Chicago’s Chuck Garfien was trying to get at when he asked Ozzie what grade he would give himself for how he performed in his job this season. Of course, his response came with the typical Ozzie-ness we have all come to love.

Garfien tweeted Ozzie’s unique self-assessment, which was picked up by Hardball Talk:

“Z for Zorro. I don’t think I did a good job.”

Awesome answer, although it is really lacking in, you know, what grades are typically given out, at least in American education institutions. Perhaps Guillen means he did his job so poorly this season, there isn’t even a grade for it. But how can he go and play The Gay Blade like that? I heard Zorro was an excellent student. Flamboyant, sure, but dedicated to his studies.

[@ChuckGarfien (via Hardball Talk)]