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Ines Sainz Showed Up At Jets Practice, Had Her ‘Serious Journalist’ Dress, Heels On

Hey, let’s give credit where credit is due: not many serious journalists could pull off that outfit. Maybe Mike Lupica — he has the legs of a ballet dancer (so I’ve heard) — but that’s a story for another time.

Anyhoo, super-serious sports journalist (not to mention principled) hoochie mama Ines Sainz made her sexy, triumphant return to the Jets practice facility on Wednesday dressed to kill. You may recall the media firestorm which was set ablaze the last time she sashayed her way into the hearts, minds and perhaps additional, assorted body parts of Jets players last year, so it will remain to be seen what kind of self-serving controversy her latest visit will elicit. Perhaps none, but who’s to say? All I know is she looks absolutely fabulous and does not need to apologize for her appearance whatsoever. Further, I have no doubt she behaved like a complete and utter professional. You know, like she always does.

[image via @RodBoone via Deadspin]