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Your ‘DERP!’ Soccer Video Of The Day: Goalie Deflects Ball Into Own Goal

I haven’t been keeping up with the ups and down, ins and outs, etc. of professional Belarusian soccer leagues as of late — I choose to blame the economy — so instead of interjecting my Eastern European soccer ignorance into the narrative, here is the gist behind Dnepr Mogilev’s goalie Artem Gomelko’s epic “DERP!” (via YouTube):

In the 66th minute Dnepr defender Anton Matveenko tried his luck at a ridiculous 70-yard lob, but his shot was wayward and was on it’s way straight out of play. But then home keeper Artem Gomelko decided to be a clever-clogs and it backfired spectacularly.

In an effort to stupidly try and catch the exit-bound shot with one hand, Gomelko hopelessly diverted the ball from around the post straight into his own net.

“DERP!”, indeed. Truly one could not find a DERP!-ier example of soccer DERP!-iness on the interwebs, correct? DERP! No really, say it with me: DERP! It’s fun.

[via NashFootball2012]