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(Photo) Stephen Strasburg, Fellow Nationals Rookies Dressed Up Like Smurfs

Hazing has never been so…blue.

Humiliating neophyte teammates has become an annual rite of fall in major league baseball, and the rookies on the Washington Nationals were not spared the indignity on Sunday as they left Nationals Park of the trend to have the youngsters dress up in ridiculous outfits in order to properly demonstrate the pecking order in the clubhouse.

In case it is too difficult to ascertain due to the excessive use of body paint and Smurfy attire, that’s pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg dressed up as Papa Smurf and playing the role of a completely unattractive Smurfette is Wilson Ramos. What a delightful pair those two make, much to the frightening chagrin of the Smurf on the furthest left in the photo. He shall now be known as Psychotic Smurf.

From D.C. Sports Bog (via Big League Stew):

Jayson Werth appeared to be the ringleader, and the Smurf theme song played in continuous loop in the clubhouse during the dressing. F.P. Santangelo said the episode was “definitely” the best rookie hazing he’d ever seen in his baseball life.

Leave it to Jayson Werth to be the man behind the Smurfy silliness. In light of his underwhelming un-Smurfy season after coming to the Nationals as a high-priced free agent (7 years, $126 million for a .233 batting average), I guess we should give him credit for accomplishing something in his first season with the team.

I still think paying homage to Shirt Tales would have been a better choice. A vastly underrated cartoon.

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