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Do Not Watch This Video If You Enjoy The Phillies, Jennifer Lopez Or Your Sanity

Dear Lord, what in the holy hell is this? Further, why in the holy hell did this guy, who goes by the moniker, Big Philly Fan, ever think that not only was it a great idea to write a parody song about the Phillies to the tune of Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” (fittingly entitled “Phillies On The Floor”), but then to actually record record himself performing it and then uploading the abomination to the internet? I am not kidding, I was left significantly less creeped out after watching Buffalo Bill’s twisted performance of “Goodbye Horses” in The Silence of the Lambs for the first time. And that’s saying something.

Just to better paint the picture, here is the description of the video from YouTube:

Big Philly Fan is hyped about the Phillies right now. Here’s a music video parody that shows my love for them. Also welcome back the Hat.

Welcome back, the Hat. Nice to see you again.

I’m also referencing other Phillies fans in my video. In no way am I trying to steal their thunder, so don’t call me a copier.

Never would think of ever doing such a thing. You sir, are no copier. Nor a thunder-stealer, for that matter.

>Note: The song parodied is “On The Floor” performed by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull, owned by Island Records.

Don’t worry, Big Philly Fan, I doubt J Lo will be coming after you for this one.

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Chunky Kong is property of Nintendo.

Of course Chunky Kong is property of Nintendo, good sir. Of course he is.

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