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But Of Course: Here’s Serena Williams’ Tirade, In Taiwanese Animation Form

Wow, what stories don’t the folks behind these Taiwanese animation stories create videos for? Canadian Parliament proceedings? The news found in the local community paper that a rudimentary dental exam performed on the mayor of Topeka, Kansas revealed an impacted molar?

Be that as it may, and perhaps not-so-shocking, is the fact that Serena Williams’ latest U.S. Open tirade against an official, umpire, lines person, ballgirl/boy, concession worker, what have you, has received the Taiwanese animation treatment. The introductory text from the video, as transcribed by Off the Bench’s Rick Chandler:

Once upon a time, women’s tennis was a genteel version of the men’s game. All that changed with the Williams sisters.

Venus and Serena overpowered opponents with their strong baseline play, forcing other ladies to up their game.

But Serena also has a reputation as a hothead. …

Yes, all that changed with the Williams sisters. Despite the fact, that yes, according to the video, when Serena gets angry her head spontaneously combusts, that statement is a bit irresponsible and completely uncalled for. Come on, Taiwanese animators: don’t be haters.

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