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Why Wasn’t I Told Joe Morgan Was Leading Cincy’s Oktoberfest Chicken Dance?

What I like about Joe Morgan’s consistent chicken dancing is its consistency.

No, I have no idea what the hell this is all about, either, but apparently, the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati is the site of the world’s largest chicken dance, whatever that entails. I assume people dance like chickens at it, although it is possible people actually dance with chickens. You know those Ohioans. But since I wasn’t informed about this in a timely manner, I will sadly be unable to attend. I mean, if that event doesn’t scream “road trip,” well, um, there you go.

I only wonder if Joe Morgan’s former booth partner on Sunday Night Baseball, Jon Miller, will make an appearance. That way, they will have someone one on hand to over-pronounce any Hispanic chickens who may be on hand.

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