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ESPN Fantasy Football Flooded With Anti-Semitic Team Names

Not that it’s tWWL’s fault in any respect, it appears that ESPN Fantasy Football seems to attract a lot of people who are inclined to come up with team names rife with anti-Semitism. So much so, in fact, that a formal complaint was issued from the Jewish Human Rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Examples of the inappropriate names included “Jews are Immoral” and “Jews Are Terrible.” From what rock did these people crawl out from under? Fantasy football players AND anti-Semites? Talk about a bunch of degenerate troglodytes.

Said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the center (via Game On!):

“They may have been fantasy leagues but the hate is all too real. This is another example of bigots leveraging Internet portals to demean their ‘enemies’ and recruit for their causes. Unfortunately, the targeted enemy in this case was a Jewish who was about to sign up his son to ESPN Fantasy Football.”

From ESPN:

Network spokesman Josh Krulewitz said that while ESPN has systems in place to protect against inappropriate team and league names “clearly with millions of users and deceptive ways around the safeguards, we can never completely eliminate it.”

The Center praised ESPN for acting in good faith and for their quick response, although with all the safeguards implemented to prevent people from coming up with inappropriate names — seriously, have you ever tried to use a slightly provocative with a team name for any of the ESPN fantasy leagues? It’s nearly impossible — you would think they would have seen this issue coming long before now.

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