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Egad, These Kevin Garnett Dolls Are Friggin’ Terrifying

We have had our fair share of nightmare fuel posing as cute and cuddly toys/dolls as of late, this Troy Polamalu monstrosity and the Steely McBeam Pillow Pet, to name a few. Apparently, soul-stealing dolls are not limited to involving NFL teams in western Pennsylvania any longer, as we now have these freaky-deaky Kevin Garnett dolls.

Carelessly unleashed upon the world by Anta, KG’s shoe company, these creepy creations are more than disturbing. In fact, they cause an impossible-to-ignore sense of dread to rise up in me, much like the demonic characters from the 1987 horror “classic,” Dolls. And that, my friends, is not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

Just a warning: if you happen to come upon one of these ghastly creatures or recklessly decide to get one of your own, I’d advise you to sleep lightly.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]