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(Video) Alex Rios Does His Best Bo Jackson Impression, Breaks Bat Over Knee

Temper, temper. Apparently, Chicago White Sox center fielder Alex Rios was unhappy with either the fact that the umpire called strike three on the pitch from Glen Perkins or that he watched a nice pitch blow by him in the top of 8th inning in his squad’s 5-4 loss to the Minnesota Twins. Rios storms out of the batter’s box, reduces his bat to kindling courtesy of a quick slam of it down on his knee, a la Bo Jackson, before angrily chucking it aside.

Sure, it’s impressive display of rage-induced feats of strength, but how is the bat’s fault, Alex Rios? What did the bat do to deserve such a violent execution? Maybe if you would have swung the darn thing, the poor old bat might have rewarded you with your confidence in it.