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Wanna Buy Something Ugly? Maryland Jerseys, Helmets Hit The Auction Block

This weekend, because of “overwhelming demand,” the University of Maryland will be auctioning off 10 jerseys and 10 helmets from the universally panned Maryland Pride Collection which made their inauspicious debut last Monday when the Terrapins faced the Miami Hurricanes in an “ugly team vs. ugly program” matchup.

As you likely recall, the response to these fashion fails was swift. And the reaction was brutal, not that the overwhelming ridicule and mockery was not deserved. I mean, look at those things. They look like something a schizophrenic, colorblind seamstress might stitch together out of discarded pieces of fabric for her town’s rugby team. Alternatively, for a pop culture reference, these are the football jersey equivalent of the atrocity created by Denise Huxtable for Theo when all he wanted was to wear a Gordon Gartrell designer shirt in The Cosby Show episode, “A Shirt Story”.

And the helmets? Well, I cannot come up with a decent idea why they look like they do. Just ugly, I guess.

For those interested, you can enter your bids here. The auction opens Friday morning and ends Monday, Sept. 19 at 3:00 p.m. Bids for the hideous helmets and jaw-dropping jerseys starting at $500 and $200, respectively. Happy auctioning!

Maryland Pride Uniforms on the Auction Block [ (via Dr. Saturday)]