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(Photo) Here’s Tony La Russa Shaking The Maracas Onstage At A Carlos Santana Concert

I guess you could say he’s a Black Magic Skipper, huh? You know, if you felt like it.

The fellas at Big League Stew did the requisite research and yes, that most certainly is Cardinals manager Tony La Russa getting his Latin groove on during a Carlos Santana concert at the Fox Theater in St. Louis on Tuesday night. I like how he is kind of hiding out behind the percussionist, lest he be identified and incite a mad riot of St. Louis baseball fans rushing the stage to touch the hem of his garment. Or burn him in effigy. One or the other. Either way, I bet this was Carlos Santana’s most annoying musical collaboration since he had to record “Smooth” with that droll Rob Thomas. Ewwww.

One last stupid Santana joke: in light of the Cardinals’ slide in the NL Central standings as of late, I suppose you could also say that for the Cards to rebound next season, La Russa will have to change his “Evil Ways”. Baby.

[H/T Big League Stew, image via @bweixlman]