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Rookies Dressin’ Up In Suits And Showing Up The Manager? That’s A Finin’

Fresh up from the minors as part of September callups for the woebegone Minnesota Twins, young pups Joe Benson (right) and Chris Parmelee (left) were at a loss at how they should dress when showing up at the clubhouse for the first time. Benson decided to wear a suit to make a good first impression and after Parmelee heard about his fellow new guy’s plan, went out and bought himself a suit as well. So, there they were, all spiffed up in their suits, wide-eyed, but looking more-than-presentable. Big mistake. The fashion-forward decision didn’t sit well with Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire…at least in a joking sort of way. Because that’s a finin’.

Via the Star Tribune:

“They came in lookin’ all nice, coming to the big leagues,” Gardenhire said. “I said. ‘That’s 100 bucks apiece because you just made me look bad in my blue jeans.’ That was their first welcome to the big leagues.”

A $100 fine? How do you like that? Well played, Gardie. And as far as Benson and Parmelee are concerned, I guess they can’t win for losing, which leads me to believe, in light of Minnesota’s miserable season, that the two newcomers will fit in just fine.

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