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Two Missouri Western Football Players Save Toddler Locked Inside Hot Car

Here’s a nice story to provide something of a reprieve from all the negative stories typically emerging out of the sordid world of college football. Two Missouri Western State University defensive backs are being heralded as heroes after rescuing a 17-month boy out of a car after his grandmother accidentally locked him inside with the keys.

On Aug. 23rd, in St. Joseph, Mo., teammates Jack Long and Shane Simpson were on their way home from practice when they noticed a woman desperately trying to get inside a parked car on the street across from their school’s campus. The two decided to stop and see what was going on.

Via NBC Action News:

“We just saw this woman beating on the car with a bat,” said Long, an All-Conference running back and defensive back at Park Hill South. “We thought she maybe had locked her keys in the car, but then thought that was kind of an extreme thing to do for keys.”

The two then noticed that there was a young child trapped inside the vehicle, the grandson of Teresa Gall, the woman frantically trying to break into her car. Gall had accidentally locked little Liam Snook inside the car with her keys while babysitting him, and with the heat of a 95-degree day, time was of the essence.

Said the terrified grandmother:

“I was panicked, and horrified,” Gall recalled. “He was crying and getting sick, and I couldn’t get to him.”

Gall got a hammer and was trying to smash the window of her car, but she couldn’t break the glass. Liam was throwing up and was beginning to lose consciousness.

“I couldn’t believe it…We were hitting the glass as hard as we could and nothing,” Gall said. “All I could think was ‘God please send somebody’.”

That’s when Long and Simpson arrived on the scene. Long grabbed the hammer and broke the window with one swing and proceeded to get Liam out of the car. Liam turned out to be OK, save for a bit of dehydration.

Gall and family members brought Liam to a Griffons practice last week where they reunited with the two heroic football players. Video of the meeting follows.

Great story. And awesome job, guys. What a couple of great young men. While it appears that their actions did not require much of an effort, try telling that to Liam’s grandmother.

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