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Tony Dungy Is About To Blow Your Mind With His Impressive Football Acumen

You should really sit down before reading this, lest you become so blown away with Tony Dungy’s wisdom that you lose all faculties and crash slumping to the ground in a pitiful heap of football ignorance. Don’t believe me? Big mistake. Because get a load of the knowledge Dungy recently dropped during an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio program about the outlook of the Colts’ season if Peyton Manning doesn’t play for an extended period of time and the likelihood of the team making the playoffs (via Sporting News):

“I would say no, because I would be concerned about Peyton Manning,” Dungy said. “Just the fact that he may miss one game tells me that this is fairly serious.

“I think it all depends on Peyton Manning,” Dungy said. “If he misses a lot of time, I think it’s going to be very difficult for them to make it (to the playoffs). If he misses one or two games, I think they still win the division.”

(looks at the quarterbacks behind Manning on Indianapolis’ depth chart)

(head asplodes)

Gee whiz, thank goodness Tony Dungy is around to peel back the many intricate layers of what would constitute a truly abysmal season if Manning can’t get back on the field. NBC is lucky to have this guy analyzing the National Football League for them. I look forward to further mind-blowing observations from Dungy this season, including how outscoring your opponent for all four quarters will win a team all its games, as well as the relative wetness of water.

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