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Tom Brady To Randy Moss: So Here I Am, With Open Arms

Why yes, I did instantly make the connection between what New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said about a possible return of Randy Moss to the team to the lyrics from that classic Journey song. What else was I supposed to do? I have nothing to hide. Believe what I say.

Moving on, Brady was asked during an appearance on WEEI radio Tuesday morning about the possibility of reuniting with his former football flame (via the Boston Herald):

“You never know in the NFL,” Brady told WEEI. “I love Randy, he’s one of the greatest receivers in the history of the game, one of the greatest players I’ve had a chance to play with. But unfortunately, I don’t make personnel decisions. If I did, I’d still have all my friends here — Troy (Brown), David Patten, Deion (Branch) would have never left. I’ve seen so many guys move on, some come back. You never know what the situation will be even next week… But I don’t know (if he’ll play again). Who knows? I can’t get into his brain. I love the guy, he’s a great friend of mine, and if he ever did come back and play, I’d welcome him with open arms.”

Aha. He says he loves Randy, but doesn’t know if he’ll come back. Brady also adds that he can’t get into Randy’s brain, but I think we all know that Tom found a way into Randy’s heart, and for that reason, anything’s possible for these two star-crossed football players. Maybe Brady should stand outside Moss’ bedroom window with a boom box hoisted above his head, just like Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. But obviously, Brady would opt for “Open Arms” instead of “In Your Eyes.” And hey, maybe it will convince Moss to return. Stranger things have happened. And if Randy comes back, it will turn night into day and Brady will need him to stay. Open arms.

Okay, I’m done. Have fun getting that blasted ballad out of your head the rest of the day.

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