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Nothing To See Here, Just A Skate Park Barge Floating Down The Mississippi

Wait. What? Thanks to my fellow Twin Citian Michael Rand, I present to you “The Red Bull Mississippi Grind,” a skate park traveling on a barge down the great river, shredding all the way, I’m sure. According to Red Bull (I can’t believe Red Bull is behind something like this, the competition will take place over “a 28-day voyage, the barge will take skaters 1,705 miles to their final destination in New Orleans, LA, also making stops in St. Paul, Minn., Quad Cities, IA, and St. Louis, MO along the way.” Gnarly.

Photographed above are two skaters who will be participating in the Mississippi Grind, David Fink and Jamiel Nowparvar. Here are their thoughts on the unconventional showcase (via the Star Tribune):

“I’m looking forward to the unexpected,” Fink said, wearing a captain’s hat as he spoke Saturday. “There’s a little bit of anxiety, but I’m ready to experience the American journey down the Mississippi.”

Said Nowparvar, who said he wants to dress like Huck Finn for part of the trip: “To be honest, we don’t even know. It’s going to be an adventure. … I’ve never been on a boat with a skate park.”

Huck Finn, eh? I bet if they had skateboards back in Huck’s day, he would have been a total thrasher.

The concept for the skate park barge emerged from a locally produced skate video entitled “Feelin’ Minnesota,” where fellow participant Benji Meyer filmed scenes of skaters doing their thing on smaller barges.

Video of the some skating on the barge follows.


Fink, not surprisingly, for his part, is pretty stoked about the entire thing.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Fink said.

But what about getting a month off from work? Not as hard as you might think, said Fink, 23.

“I told them I was taking a radical sabbatical,” Fink said.

Radical sabbatical. Heh. In the words of the immortal Tommy Guerrero, “Rippin’ style, holmes.”